Recycling Industrial Waste – Eco Oil, Haifa

Eco Oil Ltd. at Haifa Bay, certified to treat industrial sewage, collects and treats brine, oil and hazardous waste. The treatment, under permit of the Ministry of Environment Protection, makes use of advanced technology for separation and recycling.

  • water recycling
  • oil recycling
  • solids recycling

Eco Oil Ltd. offers transport services from customer's site on a regular basis.

Eco Oil Ltd. treats diverse industrial sewage: Mineral and vegetable oil waste – vegetable oil waste from food industry, kitchens, mineral oil waste from garages, gas stations and other locations where oil is usedHazardous materials – control of sewage pollutants containing hazardous materials. These materials will be treated at a regular sewage treatment plant after having been transferred to a local plant for detoxification.Brine – treatment of brine from diverse industries: food, chemicals, textile, paint, etc.

The Eco Oil plant is a green plant treating and recycling various kinds of waste:

- water recycling – separation of the water pollutants and reuse of the water for agricultural irrigation
- oil recycling – after separation the oil can be refined and used for bio-diesel – oil for heating – part of the pollutants can be recycled and turned into bio-gas to be reused to generate electricity.
- solids recycling – for reuse or to be buriedEco Oil issues certificates of approval for Disposal of sewage unloaded in its premises.
These permits are recognized for inspection by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment Protection.

Dear Customer

Ask for a permit of waste burial on the removal of every container of sewage.

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Environmental responsibility

Since it was established in 2002, Eco Oil company has had a main guideline of environmental responsibility at the top of its interests. Named amongst the top companies in this field, Eco Oil treats a large amount of waste and serves most of the Israeli industries at the northern region

The factory consists of diverse technology facilities that allow treating a wide range of industrial wastes. Our staff is constantly developing and improving the efficiency of technologies in use for recycling, in order to achieve maximum recovery while minimizing the energy used in the process

.Eco Oil plant is operating under all required permits, these are being regularly monitored through an advanced control system as well as by Israel's Ministry of Environmental protection

Due to a comprehensive certification from the supervisor at the ministry, we can attain our main propose to create accessibility and collaborate with more waste manufacturers. This kind of cooperation contributed for reducing environmental pollution with hazardous wastes